Life at MUCS

At the moment, the total number of children that is either accommodated at MUCS or is attending our school is 73.

Children Categories:

  • 9 are kids from the poor neighbourhood

  • 7 are orphans (attending school but not accommodated)

  • 11 are kids living under difficult conditions

  • 6 are accommodated but only 2 are attending classes at MUCS; the rest is attending local school.

  • 21 are regular children. These pay a very small amount of fee (Tsh. 80,000) per year equivalent $53 CAD. The money is used to buy porridge and facilities, such as exercise books, pens, etc.

Children from the neighbourhoods, whose families are living too far away from the school, live at my parents place.

Kids under accommodation (at Mwalimu’s place):

  • 6 children

  • 4 of those are passed nursery and grade 1/2, respectively; these are attending a local school but they live at Mwalimu’s place.

  • 2 of those are attending nursery class (at age 4).

Daily routine at school:

  1. School starts at 8.00 am EAT as some kids are coming from the neighbourhood.

  2. The children line up, sing, and start class at around 8.30.

  3. At this time, Bibi (Mwalimu’s wife) prepares porridge for the kids.

  4. At 10.00 am, there is a breakfast break where children get porridge.

  5. After a break, they get back into class until 2.00 pm.

  6. At 2.00 pm, school is out and they disperse.

Subjects taught:

  1. English (Reading and Writing)
  2. Swahili (Reading and Writing)
  3. Mathematics

The language of instruction is English.