Mugeta Children’s School

This album shows MUCS and its pupils as I visited the centre in June 2010.

Since we opened the school in April 2010, the number of admitted pupils has drastically grown from 15 to over 50. And there are even more children that need our help. But for now we cannot admit more children because we have not enough room to accommodate them.

Our one class room is not sufficient for the number of pupils. Currently, while one group of children is being taught in class, another group has to wait outside until the first group is finished. Therefore, we need another class building.

Since many of the children that need our help are living far away from Mugeta village, we also need to build a dormitory to accommodate them.

When the children are having their porridge outside, they have no place to sit. We need to build a dining hall, where they can have their regular meals.

Precondition for our development plan is to level the ground, an area of about 10 acres. This is necessary so that we can build the houses and for the children to have a place for playing and sports.

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Mugeta Children Centre School