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Where did the money for building this school come from?

Since 2011, the project has raised over CAD$8950 from individuals, students and institutions in Canada; the money was directed towards the school infrastructure. The funds came from students and the people who asked to donate after hearing/reading about the Mugeta project story. I also have been spending a portion of my scholarship money to help as much as needed. We are still addressing urgent needs to put the project on a more solid footing. Future development includes, a small school library, an enriched playground, renovating the classrooms, window tops, ceiling boards and project screens for effective teaching.

Who is paying for all the school expenses?

The Mugeta school project, which is a community-based education project has a focus on bridging the gap between the well-off families and disadvantaged families. Built on an equity and “sharity” principle, wealthier families and poor families work together to build a stronger community, instead of marginalizing the poor. These families agreed to contribute to the school budget to reduce the school financial dependence on donors and the founder. The fee still sits lower than any other independent schools. The highest tuition is 800,000 Tanzanian Shillings (equivalent to CAD$470 per year) for well-off families. Families with moderate-income contribute 400,000 per year (equivalent to CAD$235), and poor families contributes through other means helping with constructions and other volunteering activities. Out of 200 children almost half of them are from 80 disadvantaged families. These contributions pay for students breakfast and lunch (provided for every student) and workers’ wages. The more funds we receive the more we increase the enrollment of students from less-fortunate families. Our target is to reach an enrollment of 320 students by 2020, with the ratio of 170 students from contributing families to 150 children from less-fortunate families.

Do you have partners?

The Mugeta Community Project is partnering with the following charitable organizations, NGOs, or Institution and individuals. To become a friend-of-mugeta-community click here.

1. Norma Rose-Point School located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Address 5488 Ortona Rd, Vancouver, BC V6T 1S2.

  • NRP has been helping to raise money to improve the infrastructure of the Mugeta Children school. Currently they have raised CAD$3120 for the infrastructure.
  • NRP conducted a book drive and donated more than 600 copies of gently used books to Mugeta.
  • NRP donated T-shirts to the teachers as present to the teachers
  • March 2018, They raised 3581.33, for school supplies, backpacks and teacher’s resources.

2. Hope for Happiness – a UBC student led charitable Organization located in Vancouver, BC.

  • HFH has donated CAD$15054 towards the well project
  • This covered for the cost of hydrogeological survey (two companies surveyed) (2.5M = CAD$1562).
  • In August 2016 they helped us drill 105M borehole (we hit the aquifer!)
  • (13,500,000 = CAD$9500 borehole drilling and (de)mobilization and borehole development).
  • Covered the cost for pumping test ($1000,000 = CAD$625)
  • In July 1 2017 they covered the cost for pump installation – CAD$5000 (and it is done!).

3. Carnegie Mellon RoboTutor LLC

  • Helped to build the RoboTutor Computer Lab/Library $8,707, electricity, and staffing
  • Helped to install the satellite internet and pay for 2 year term each month USD$138
  • Work with local kids in researching how they can learn best through human computer interaction.

4. UBC Linguistics Department has contributed substantially to this project:

  • UBC Linguistics department donated 7 PC computers to Mugeta
  • UBC Linguistics department gave CAD$800 as a grant in honour of Shaw

5. Numerous individuals including my colleagues their families professors in my Department and our Indiegogo campaign contributor that gave CAD$2870 out of love to contribute to this project.