This page has consented information to be used on the website’s volunteer page: If you wish to work with us or to volunteer with us either remotely or travelling and staying at Mugeta you are more than welcome. Here are some thoughts of the people who have been either in Mugeta or have worked with Joash in the context of Mugeta school:

“I think the Mugeta Children’s School is an amazing project. It’s just a labour of love in many ways”.
Prof. Bryan Gick, UBC’s department of linguistics recalls on his 2013 visit to Mugeta.

“The surroundings were sparse but the kids were 150 per cent present, and just taking in everything they could learn”.
Prof. Bryan Gick, UBC’s department of linguistics.

In 2013 Prof. Bryan visited Mugeta school among many other projects.


“Our students and staff have been moved by the images and stories of what we take for granted: daily education, a building, a floor, a roof, supplies, books, a playground. Our students are contributing to making a difference in other children’s lives.”
Rosa Fazio, Norma Rose Point’s principal.



“I am very honored to contribute to this project. Please let me know if there is anything I could do to help”
Patricia Shaw, Professor, UBC Anthropology Department.

Mugeta school is a recipient of 2013 Patricia Shaw Grant given by the UBC Linguistics department in her honor.





“I visited Mugeta in February 2015 for about a week. The community is very rural and in many ways not affected much by outside influences and foreign visitors, which is a wonderful aspect in many ways. What I remember and loved the most about Mugeta, was the children obviously and their eagerness to learn, along with their need for better infrastructure/tools to just be able to enjoy their childhood.”
Liliana Vercellotti, Certified Executive Coach, Royal Roads University. MPA, BSW, Brigham Young University.


“I volunteered in Mugeta in May 2017 for a month. I was teaching few elementary science courses in the school. The children are very smart and curious. I stayed with Joash’s family. They are friendly and caring. My best friend in Mugeta was Joash’s sister, Nyangi. Nyangi and I discussed the difference between Tanzanian culture and Chinese culture. During the program, Joash was responsible and always available to help.”
Qixiao (Judy) Li, UBC Student



“I spent 2 weeks in Mugeta in 2016 conducting research with the Robotutor X-Prize application. I stayed with Joash’s family, and they are some of the most wonderful people I’ve ever met. They took us in and treated us like family, and provided us with everything we needed. Mugeta is a very rural village – take everything you need to survive, because chances are you will not find it in the village. There is electricity – so you can definitely charge your devices. There is very limited internet (Edge speeds on smartphone) so you may be able to send text emails, and Whatsapp text messages but not much more. About the school…. It is such a wonderful place! I cannot speak highly enough of how much the school community is and how they pull together their resources to educate the kids. The parents come together to cook food for the kids, and are genuinely interested in opportunities advance their education. Everyone can contribute to this community – something as simple as practicing English (and learning Swahili) with the kids can make a huge impact for their educational outcomes. The principal of the school, Vincent, is very knowledgeable, hardworking, patient, and has an incredible rapport with the children. The children, like children everywhere in the world, are open minded, welcome visitors with open arms, are inquisitive, and are brilliant. Lucky for me, I get the opportunity to visit Mugeta again, and I cannot wait to see everyone again.”
Judith Uchidiuno – HCI PhD Student Carnegie Mellon University –

“I was really so moved to see all that you have built in Mugeta. The children and the teachers are all so great. Thank you again for all your support throughout my trip – I’m so grateful!”
Jen-Ai Lai, Visited Mugeta School, May 2018.
UBC – School of Medicine