Why Volunteer with Mugeta?

Volunteering with the Mugeta school is fun and eye opening. You get to go to the heart of the country (Tanzania) where there is very little, if not any foreign influence. You learn the culture of the people, visit the locals, make friends, connect with the children and talk to them about their worries and their ambitions. You will teach, encourage and nurture the children’s creativity through class and play, helping those truly in need and growing as a person yourself.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone interested in working with children or elementary school students is welcome. Please fill out the volunteer form as a first step. We will notify you in 48 hours or less if we have a spot.

Is there electricity, internet and phone services?

Yes! Thanks to Norma Rose Point School (Vancouver) who helped the Mugeta school to get electricity. There are various phone providers (Tigo, Vodacom, Airtel, Halotel etc.). You can have a sim card on the same day you arrive (takes 20-30 minutes to register). Please bring an unlocked phone if you can. You can access internet through Data. With CAD$10 you get data for the whole month, and CAD$1 gives you 20 minutes to call US and Canada.

How about clean water?

Thanks to UBC Hope For Happiness, Carnegie Mellon RoboTutor PLC and our supporter for helping us to get a well that provides safe and clean water. You can also buy bottled water for drinking if you wish. CAD$5 will get you 10 liters.

How do I get to Mugeta?

The biggest expense is the plane ticket. You need to buy a ticket to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. And a local flight ticket from Dar es Salaam (Dar) to Mwanza (a nearby city 3 hour drive Mugeta). The local flights from Dar to Mwanza cost around CAD$100 for a round trip ticket if booked at least a month prior. Check here www.fastjet.com. Then a school representative will pick you up from Mwanza or the nearest point which is Bunda. Dar to Mwanza is 1.30hrs flying time. Mwanza to Bunda is 2 hours on a bus/private car. Bunda to Mugeta is 45 minutes.

Where will I stay?

There is a small hostel for volunteers. A furnished room is provided for free, but you will need your own mosquito net!

What will I help with?

Anything you can do to help. A list of things:

  • If you have computer knowledge you can help train the teachers and students in using programs like excel, ppt, word as well as basic computer literacy. We have a small computer lab, courtesy of Carnegie Mellon University.
  • You can teach if you have a passion for teaching. Subjects include math, science, social studies, computer literacy, music (piano, guitar, or any instrument)
  • You can help create learning resources for children, i.e., online reading materials, online exam question.
  • You can help with the school farm and garden.
  • Organize, sports and performances class wise, i.e., puppets.
  • Help teachers to organize and use school supplies.
  • Give the children a sporting chance
  • Sponsor a student
  • Build a classroom, a library, a playground (or send a playground equipment)

Is it safe there?

It is very safe in Mugeta and Tanzania (the Island of Peace) more generally. You do not need to worry about your safety. The hostel is self-contained and you do not need to go outside at night. In addition, there is security and a watchman taking care of the school property and the hostel.

Where else can I go after volunteering?

Volunteering in Mugeta gives you a chance to visit the animal park, the Serengeti National Park. The park is and 1.5hours drive from Mugeta. Please see the estimated budget if you are interested to visit.

Below is a tentative budget for the cost of one person for one month (around CAD$490)

Road trip Mwanza-Mugeta: CAD$ 50 (includes a cab fare from the airport).
Visa to Tanzania: CAD$50
Accomodation free
Food for a month: CAD$150 (TZS 200,000)
Housekeeping service for a month: CAD$150 (TZS 200,000)
Back to Mwanza: CAD$ 90 (cab, hotel (1 night), fare to the airport).
Flight ticket X to Dar (round ticket): between CAD $ 1300-2500
Flight ticket from Dar to Mwanza: around CAD$100 depending when you buy.

What will I get after volunteering?

Volunteer with the school, travel and work with the children and get a thank you trip to the Serengeti National Park after that (go-and-return trip only). Safari for one day (no camping) and go and return costs between CAD$350–500, if you volunteered with the school. If you are interested in trekking to Kilimanjaro or Ngorongoro Crater, the Masai villages or visiting Zanzibar please be sure to talk to us as there are additional costs.

The link to culture learning: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amoUCn81zzk